Walking in wisdom

Colossians 4:5 (NKJV Strong’s,)

Walk in wisdom toward those who are outside, redeeming the time.

Just today i was pondering something along the lines of this scripture. I am in the process of writing a basic mission course for Expand Ministries & Aid international. This scripture simply means to purposely living in such away to influence those who don’t believe in Jesus.

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Jesus said that we have to testify about him and make disciples. Number one we can trust God to help us Living a Holy Life. When we trust him and he answers our prayer it is simple. We have to tell other what Jesus did for us. People want to know if you truly believe. When we live a live that is build on the word that is when we will live a successful Christian life and it we will automatically influence people. Specially when we show the love of God towards them.

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