The Curse of social media

I remember when I join Twitter in 2007… one of the founders said the idea was to share a moment in life in life, for instance when you are on a road trip and see a tortoise you can tell your friends about it. I actually met some real friends during those days. Who I still have contact with today. And it was actually about meeting new people. It was about connecting with people. The social means after all to connect with other people.

Today Twitter, Facebook and Instagram etc. Is all about marketing…. no real connection, it all about self promotion. And most of those moments are fake. Oh boy and when people disagree with you… I remember the first time when I accidentally run into the Twitter gestapo for the first time.

I was in Jinja, Uganda and it was very cold that day, usually Uganda is always around 30*c/90*F and I made a joke about forgetting about global wary and that we are returning to the ice age… and then my Twitter account went all bonkers and people start telling me all about global warming etc. It was a Joke…

Then there is the online bullying, just today I was reading an article of a famous athlete that is known for his healthy eating and people attacked him because he is not “ripped”. The guy is healthy…

If you are part of any conversation, have a bit of a look how long people can leave their smartphone alone… many of us are glued to it.

It is driving a people further and further from reality and real connections. I spend sometime with several groups of people lately, they were more glued to their phones then the real conversations and this is mature adults.

This morning I was reading about Balak that wanted to bring a curse in the Israel through Balaam. The Lord didn’t allowed it. So they device another plan and temp Israelites into sin.

A great question is do we as diligent in Reading our bibles as we read our social media?

How is social media affecting your life positively or negativity?

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