It was truly a wacky Wednesday.

This may sound a bit mellow dramatic, but Wednesday definitely was hectic. As I am in a foreign country as usual and I had to pay rent for my room and I had to renew my visa. I am waiting for a large amount of money to come through and it didn’t. I eventually wrote…


Praise The Lord

It is always exciting to hear that Jesus is Still Building his Church. One of my pastors planted a new church

July Newsletter 2018

Praise the Lord for his mercy and great grace, as many of you know I have spend time in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. As promised we have planted our first Church Dar Es Salaam With Pastor Alfred Zonda, he has an amazing testimony. I spend some time with him trading him and basic biblical principles…

What is church planting

Many people have asked me what is exactly what you do? So I decided to make 20 second video that explains the process of church planting

From a drug dealer to a pastor-Ps. Alfred Zunda’s Awesome Testimony

We are in the process of planting a Church with Ps. Alfred. He have a incredible Testimony how God saved him. He once was was a drug dealer and a thief. In His own words to me, he was a bad bad man.A 150 000 TZN Shillings is about 70 USD