July Newsletter 2018

Praise the Lord for his mercy and great grace, as many of you know I have spend time in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. As promised we have planted our first Church Dar Es Salaam With Pastor Alfred Zonda, he has an amazing testimony. I spend some time with him trading him and basic biblical principles and door to door evangelism

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Currently most of the gatherings is in 3 Home fellowship groups and we will start gathering on Sundays on the 29 August just before we have to register the ministry in Tanzania and our new place of worship needs a lot work.

However considering that we have already about 20 people between them in the first two weeks and just going out some days evangelizing.

And the great majority of them is all new believers. We went door-to-door and ministered the word to them. Sadly some of them ( all Muslims) are so afraid to give their hearts to Jesus because of fear of persecution. We are still praying for them and reaching out to them.

One of the big problems that we discovered that many people think they are going to heaven but they don’t know who, they don’t understand the principle of being born again and put their faith in Jesus Christ and what he have done for us on the cross

The Lord healed a lot people with back pain and even one elderly lady that had suffered from which I think was asthma. She was so desperate they were willing to go to visit a pastor and pay him to pray for her. Yes, unfortunately that is a real thing

We are very great full for all those that have given financially towards this ministry and helped us giving out bibles to the new believers.

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