It was truly a wacky Wednesday.

This may sound a bit mellow dramatic, but Wednesday definitely was hectic. As I am in a foreign country as usual and I had to pay rent for my room and I had to renew my visa. I am waiting for a large amount of money to come through and it didn’t. I eventually wrote to some of my financial partners to help and asl some friends to borrow me money. And Wednesday it just didn’t came through. Usually in South Africa from My bank to the same bank takes a few minutes and I know the same is in the US as I have bank accounts there. And family lend me money, I can see it in my account but couldn’t use it. The people that i owed money to for my room didn’t want me to go and renew my visa unless I at least pay a 2/3 of the payment.

Eventually my aunt and them also lend me money and I paid part of what I owed and I managed to renew my visa.but still I didn’t had all the money I needed. Thankfully the next morning all money that I borrowed came through and I paid al my rent and haven’t had to sleep in the streets yet. And also great fully the Lord for my friends and family that helped me in my time of need.

Definitely will appreciate prayer that all my finances come through.

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