It was truly a wacky Wednesday.

This may sound a bit mellow dramatic, but Wednesday definitely was hectic. As I am in a foreign country as usual and I had to pay rent for my room and I had to renew my visa. I am waiting for a large amount of money to come through and it didn’t. I eventually wrote…


Praise The Lord

It is always exciting to hear that Jesus is Still Building his Church. One of my pastors planted a new church

July Newsletter 2018

Praise the Lord for his mercy and great grace, as many of you know I have spend time in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. As promised we have planted our first Church Dar Es Salaam With Pastor Alfred Zonda, he has an amazing testimony. I spend some time with him trading him and basic biblical principles…

From a drug dealer to a pastor-Ps. Alfred Zunda’s Awesome Testimony

We are in the process of planting a Church with Ps. Alfred. He have a incredible Testimony how God saved him. He once was was a drug dealer and a thief. In His own words to me, he was a bad bad man.A 150 000 TZN Shillings is about 70 USD

It is not about who pray, Jesus is the healer

We were invited by this family to pray for the elderly lady. Originally they wanted to go to the “prophet” or “ a Apostle” for prayer. However John Joseph stopped them and sort of made sure that we can come and see them. They gave they hearts Jesus and as from today they put their…