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Children playing with me after the service

Hey! My Name is Janes (ya-nis) Swart. I am very grateful that I can share with you today what the Lord our Savior have done for us today. Through His grate G ace I have planted over 90 churches in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, South Sudan, Mexico, and Columbia. I am part of a wonderful movement of Churches Christian Families Church Int. And have been sent out To plant Churches by Dr. Theo and Beverly Wolmaraans. I am also the director of Expand Ministries & Aid International

I am eternally grateful that Jesus died for us paying the price for us at Calvary and offered that gift to me for my Salvation.

I hope to share some of my experiences in ministry wherever I found myself in the world. And also some of my Bible study notes and thoughts. I hope you will be encouraged and that you faith is build.


Janes Swart

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