When all goes south

img 0679 When all goes southExodus 5:22 – 6:2 (NLT)

Then Moses went back to the Lord and protested, “Why have you brought all this trouble on your own people, Lord? Why did you send me? 23 Ever since I came to Pharaoh as your spokesman, he has been even more brutal to your people. And you have done nothing to rescue them!”

Promises of Deliverance

1 Then the Lord told Moses, “Now you will see what I will do to Pharaoh. When he feels the force of my strong hand, he will let the people go. In fact, he will force them to leave his land!”

2 And God said to Moses, “I am Yahweh—‘the Lord.’

Yesterday before The church service, I went through my notes, I was speaking on having hope for the future. I ministered this message several times before so i only had to refresh my memory in it.

It is one of those messages that was more for me then people I ministered too. I think most preachers if they are honest will say they have a lot of “aha moments” for themselves while preaching or is it only me?

ANYWAY, while going through my notes I got to this part and got me very excited, just in this week I had a bit of a chat with the Lord over something he said I must do and it is not working out so well.

We as Christians think when God says we must do something all will go smoothly. Just like Moses did and all went very South. God allows that because He wants to show how great He is. It is for us to decide to continue on and trust in Him! God will come through just like He did with Moses.

Did you went through something and it all went south and God spoke to you?



photofox Psalm139:14

The Lord uses the small things-Tim Tebows John 3:16 Testimony

Billy Graham


I will be posting tomorrow again have been on the road for the Last two weeks in the USA. In the mean time here is something to smile about for that day.

ReverendFun.com : Cartoon for Feb 15, 1999: “Post-Rapture Cemetery Vacancy”

The Heart-Brain Connection – HeartMath Institute

The Heart-Brain Connection – HeartMath Institute
— Read on www.heartmath.org/programs/emwave-self-regulation-technology-theoretical-basis/

A Friend send this to me today. It simply science backing up the Word of God. Thankfulness when anxious calms the heart and your heart communicates more with your brain then then brain with the heart.

A man receives healing from back pain and other deceases-Healing Thursday

I thought to share with you a testimony today where my Senior Pastor prayed for man and where the Lord Healed him


True Love 1 John 4:10

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The Lord healed this Lady of Back Pain

This majority members of this church is from the Maya tribe. This a testimony of Jesus healing some people of back pain