When God Speaks, healing comes-Throwback Thursday

I have been reminiscing on great grace the Lord have given me through the years while slowly rebuilding my website , planted over 90 churches and still growing having some sort of influence in 9 Countries by mentoring leadership.

I can write my own 2 Corinthians 6, have been robbed at gun point money, credit, passport stolen in a foreign country with no South African Embassy, hit by machete on my face (16 stitches), have been at least three shoot outs, got a warning by very friendly men not to return to certain areas and almost died of measles, had malaria so many times, had no food for days, walked massive long distances, slept twice on the streets of Kampala. But it is all worth it for moments like this when the Lord changes lives. When Doctors or witch doctor can’t help Jesus can.


P.U.S.H-Pray Until Something Happen

In Kenya, Uganda, Mexico and South Africa we have these mini bus taxis. They are usually badly maintained and the drivers mostly have no respect for the road rules or their fellow road users. Most missionaries joke that these minibus taxis get more people praying then most churches because of their crazy driving.

img 0226 P.U.S.H Pray Until Something Happen

Unfortunately many Christians only pray when there is an emergency. If I was to ask people what is your favorite scripture most people will quote Jeremiah 29:11 or Philippians 4:13 or 4:19 and the list goes on. Which is very sad, it is said that the average American Pastor is praying only 5 min per day. My question is, that if that is the Pastors average what about the members? Prayer is communication with God. We firstly pray to build relationships with God, it also one of the most powerful weapons that we have in the church. We change the nations. Daniel prayed and change the destiny of Israel, Elija prayed and brought a whole nation to repentance. Continue reading “P.U.S.H-Pray Until Something Happen”


We cannot Love without bringing Correction from time to time. Correction without Love is condemnation

Bag of Bitterness

There was poor man that rarely have anything to eat. One day he discovered a bag of potatoes and because he valued it so much, the man took his potatoes everywhere he went. He never used one or gave it away. Eventually the potatoes start to rot, but the man gotten used to the smelly potatoes and keeps on carrying them around and people started avoiding him. His heart was broken because no wanted to friends with him anymore. Continue reading “Bag of Bitterness”

Testimony of a man that use to steal Cattle by Gun Point-Throwback Thursday

It is still one of my favorite testimonies that i love to listen too. We trained this man to be a pastor, he stole his pastor pastors bicycles. The pastor of our church in Kitido forgave him and he later pastored his own Church


I will be missing you

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Ps. Antonio Ku Ek of Christian Family Church International Sachaba

.Last night a dear brother in the Lord Pastor Antonio Ku Ek have graduated to the Lord. He loved serving His Church, always went to collect the elderly on His bicycle for Church

Sometimes our talents and our gifting can make us fall!

Many years before I entered into full-time ministry I had several home fellowship groups in my area bout 30 Miles from the main church Johannesburg. During that time the Lord used me in to pray fir the sick and many of the other gifting’s, people received their healing and one case I was asked by area pastor. To go and pray for 80 year old man dying in the hospital due to a bad heart. His family was at the hospital to say their goodbyes, we al prayed for him and 3 days later the man walked out of the Hospital completely healed.

Continue reading “Sometimes our talents and our gifting can make us fall!”