Update on My Church in Nairobi

Ps. Charles seems to be recovering from his injuries. The church had services yesterday on the same property and they will be renting a tent for the time because being. We will appreciate your continued prayer for God’s protection

Thank you




img 1360 Grace

The evidence of Salvation is a change heart. God’s Grace is not only unmerited favor but also divine influence on the spirit man.

Asking for prayer for one of my Churches

Yesterday a group of Muslim destroyed the tent of one of my Churches in Nairobi, Kenya. And they also attacked one of my pastors. I am not sure how serious his wounds are but it is serious enough for him to go to hospital. Your prayers are deeply appreciate.

Please pray that we find a new save place for worship and Pastor Charles fully recovered from his wounds.

img 1398 1 Asking for prayer for one of my Churchesimg 1397 1 Asking for prayer for one of my Churches

We should learn from each other.

img 1350 We should learn from each other.Before I came into the full-time ministry I worked in a photo lab as a photoshop professional. The other labs came to us when the other shops didn’t had the knowledge to edit photos. At that time I was the most experienced and was teaching my colleagues how to get things done. Continue reading “We should learn from each other.”

When opportunity knocks

img 1353 1 When opportunity knocks

Per my tradition I usually go for breakfast at nice restaurant in the beginning of the month and I had to do a few things afterwards . I convinced my Boda Boda (motorcycle Taxi) driver who I met for the first time to go for breakfast with me. He was a bit shocked at the prices, not hundred percent sure, but I am convinced that his breakfast cost more then he will earn for the day. Continue reading “When opportunity knocks”

Don’t overly brag about your accomplishment.

img 1347 Don’t overly brag about your accomplishment.In High School I played the trumpet in the schools marching band. We where trained by a sergeant major from the South African Defense Force. I will never forget the one day a young gentleman one day tried to impress everybody and boldly claim he is an amazing trumpet player. The sergeant major gave him a chance to demonstrate how good he is. The guy couldn’t even played one note. And at that time the band was legally under military administration the S.M chase him away like a dog.

The moral of the story is when you bragging to much about your own accomplishments it eventually will come back to you and embarrass you.

Facing the storm

img 1344 1 Facing the storm

Repentance is for our benefit.

img 1340 1 Repentance is for our benefit.

I had fellowship with a pastor in side his church structure and a lady came in ask if I will pray for her leg that pained. As I started to pray for her and k the Holy Spirit stop me and let me know she have un-forgiveness in her heart. I spoke to her about it and she denied it. Continue reading “Repentance is for our benefit.”

The Just shall live by faith

img 1336 The Just shall live by faithRomans 1:17

For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, “The just shall live by faith.”

Making life taste better

img 1301 1 Making life taste betterThis subject have been on my heart for awhile. Sometimes when I read articles I look at all the comments. Let us say most of it is very negative and from my perspective simply full of anger and hate and no disrespect. And we speak about Christians.

Continue reading “Making life taste better”